Tangerine Circus

Back in 2009 Lalo was one of the founding members of the Mexican progressive rock group known as Tangerine Circus. Ever since, the band has put out three incredibly ambitious and musically satisfying albums that take influence from a wide range of styles like progressive rock, metal, film music, electronica and folk. Also, for the three officially released albums, Lalo has produced, recorded, mixed and mastered all the music.


More info on the band: www.tangerinecircus.com


A compilation of B-sides, alternative versions and collaborations released alongside the 2021 reissue of "The Conspiracy Chronicles".

Recorded by Lalo Mariné & Erick Moral (vocals on Spheres)
Produced, Mixed and mastered by Lalo Mariné


A compilation of various performances during the cycle of concerts in support of "A Brief Encounter With Myself".

Recorded by Sol Larenas, Juan Pablo Argueta & Lalo Mariné
Mixed and mastered by Lalo Mariné


A live performance of the band's debut album, played at a very special 10th anniversary show at "La Comandancia".

Recorded by Sol Larenas
Mixed and mastered by Lalo Mariné

The band's most ambitious album to date.  This is Tangerine Circus at its most melodic and varied facet.

Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by Lalo Mariné

The Conspiracy Chronicles 2021 3000x3000

2012 - The Conspiracy Chronicles

Tangerine Circus' second album. This piece of music has a very strong symphonic edge, taking from both classic progressive music and power metal. It was reimagined, rearranged and remixed in 2021.

Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by Lalo Mariné


First album ever done by Tangerine Circus and Lalo's first production endeavor. A very hearty and direct tribute to the band's early influences (such as Symphony X and Dream Theater)

Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by Lalo Mariné