Lalo Mariné

Piano has been always, more than Lalo's main musical instrument, his main way of communicating. That's the reason that apart from his work in bands like Tangerine Circus or Nova Enterprise, Lalo has worked on music that's radically different to everything he does in other projects. Lalo's ongoing "Chroma" audiovisual project is seeing its second volume later next year, as 2020 marked the release of two cinematic-inspired pieces: "The Edge of Silence" and "Memento Mori" and 2021 marked the release of an orchestral music collection, "Orchestral Dreams, Vol. 1".


Orchestral Dreams, Vol 1 3000x3000.jpg

A project that took almost four years to complete. This is the first of Lalo's collection of symphonic compositions. The main piece is the 5-part suite, "The Witch", which explores the history, the mythology and the spirituality of the witch figure.

Composed, & produced by Lalo Mariné

Memento Mori Portada.jpg

The second of two albums written, recorded and produced during the COVID-19 pandemic. This piece of music explores a more intense, dark yet melodic electronic and orchestral landscape. The whole album is a 35 minute piece divided in 12 movements.

Composed, recorded and performed by Lalo Mariné

The Edge of Silence.jpg

The first of two albums written, recorded and produced during the COVID-19 pandemic. his piece of music explores a heartfelt, cinematic and soothing side of Lalo's compositional mind.

Composed, recorded and performed by Lalo Mariné

Lalo's debut album is his first solo piano record, with a huge focus on musical harmony traduced to color and several musical styles, ranging from cinematic and even jazz.

Written, composed and performed by Lalo Mariné

Singles & EPs


A brooding choral piece written in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dedicated to those who have lost their lives fighting the desease and those who are struggling in these difficult times.

Written by Lalo Mariné

A classical-inspired piano composition.

Written and performed by Lalo Mariné

An EP consisting of cinematic, rock, progressive and electronic styles inspired in color and meant to be performed live with an interactive light and visual system.

Written and produced by Lalo Mariné.
Guest guitars in "Her Memories" and "The Darkening of the Winter" by Francesc Messeguer.
Guest vocals in "Our Garden" by Nan Macmillan
Guest vocals and co-production in "Dreamscape" by Sarah Martinson.
"And So It Goes" written by Billy Joel